Relevance Of Stair Nosing To Ensure Safety Of Infrastructures

Stairways and steps are an integral part of infrastructures which is regarded as a key area of movement and circulation of people. They serve as a medium of egress in the occurrence of certain emergencies and are constructed in note of an array of building standards and codes. However from the standpoint of ensuring safety, they are one of the common places which are prone to slips and falls and serious accidents. The significance of designing code-compliant and durable staircases cannot be undervalued and are a noticeable consideration when it comes to the process of building stable and safe infrastructures.

Relevance Of Stair Nosing To Ensure Safety Of Infrastructures

Steps and stairways are constructed by using different kind of building materials. To make the stairs safer, stable and durable an array of advanced stair nosing techniques have come to the picture which are designed and installed to the stairs to serve multiple requirements. A good staircase is stable and functional and less prone to accidents. Following here are some highly efficient materials which are used to build stair treads of the interior and exterior spaces.

Rubber and Ridges

For spaces prone to high traffic such as in commercial applications, vinyl tread overlay or textured rubber is an ideal solution. They host a number of valuable and unique attributes which makes them a recommended one by the builders. The configuration of the rubber stair treads offers beneficial features like slip resistance, water resistance, highly durable and can be easily cleaned.

Integrated Risers

The integrated overlay treads are considered as a complete solution which covers most of the concerned aspects while constructing safe and durable staircases. These composite fiberglass structures fit over the existing treads and can be fitted as per the customized requirements of the builders. These materials are easy to clean and prevent debris to dirt to settle down. In addition to it, they offer better consistency to the staircases thereby making them more functional.

Off The Grid

The fiberglass tread covers are a solution for such kind of treads which, in general, gets exposed to water and have a tendency to become smooth. The grate-style grids enable the water to flow through thereby providing a non-slip and stable grip for shoes. These solutions do not require to get perfectly fitted from side to side so there is no need of binding on sides of the stair treads.


In case the wooden staircases have worn out severely, it is advisable to add hardwood overlay. The modern manufacturers have developed this beneficial solution to fit it in a proper way over the treads. This type of solution is a fast and efficient way to repair the worn staircases in a proper way.

An array of advanced stairnosing techniques has emerged into the picture as an effective and worthy way to treat the walking space of staircases for raising the durability, safety and slip resistance. They are manufactured at par with the industrial standards thereby making them a recommended choice for ensuring greater safety in the infrastructures.