Scaffold Hire: Important Things To Consider

The many repairs that a home may require with the passage of time are a certain eventuality. Equipment that is so often sought after is the Scaffold. This equipment certainly helps one to get close to the area that needs attention, be it construction or a periodic repair job. The problem with hiring Scaffolds is that there is usage associated risk and many home owners do not understand or are unaware of these. Let’s take a look at a safe way to use of scaffold hire to help pay attention towards some very obvious risks.

Scaffold Hire: Important Things To Consider

Scaffolding Safety and Age

  • The safety measures on the scaffold are very crucial. Many companies do not pay as much attention to safety of the equipment they rent out. The need to pay attention to safety procedures cannot be over emphasized.
  • Always make sure that the scaffold is installed as prescribed by the company/manufacturer you are hiring it from. Ensure that it is locked to the ground using breaks if available or tied well by fastening with the help of a rope. Also ensure that the scaffold has a balanced posture on the ground and is not wobbling.
  • The next step is to ensure that each plank/board is placed correctly on the scaffold itself. The ends of each board to be supported by clamps if provided or tied to the frame to enhance tight fit. The safety nets are the next to be installed. Ensure that the nets are fastened as close as possible to the scaffold, this will make the ground below the scaffold safe to walk by other workers or users.
  • It is also wise to check for the age of the scaffold, if you are provided with one that is extremely dusty and old, if it looks too rusty, then it could be a story of a scaffold that has been used badly or one that is left out of the maintenance schedule. Such scaffolds could be hazardous and best it’s exchanged for one that is more presentable.

Security of The Scaffold Hire

 Ensure that the scaffold is put away each day in a safe place, else there is a chance of the equipment being stolen or at the same time, the workplace becomes unnecessarily accessible to a thief by the help of the same scaffold you’ve installed to reach a vantage point.

Another important thing that you need to ensure is that all the other tools that may be used as the pulley, ropes, and ladders need to be placed out of the work area; this can avoid harm or injury. Upon completion of the project make sure that the equipment is dismantled and stored away for delivery, some objects that you could add to the list would be – base plate, the connectors, horizontal brace, each cross-section component, scaffolding tie and brackets securely.

Scaffold Hire: Important Things To Consider

Remember generally there is no insurance associated with scaffold hire unless otherwise mentioned by the company letting it on hire. If you feel the need for one, please do so before the hire process begins.

Scaffold hire is a common requirement in the present day. The need to access towers, building or just homes and work in a safer environment is best done with the help of a scaffold. A ladder may be useful for smaller jobs and could be a bit cheaper to hire, but the trade off with respect to safety of using a scaffold goes a long way. It may be advisable to have a comparative cost study done before you finalize on a scaffold hire, look for the size that is most appropriate and how many you would need to be up there on the roof of the scaffold.